Avoiding garbage and other optimisations - Must Reads!

Recently I've been optimising my WP7 game to avoid garbage and run the core of the game with plenty of performance left for future features. I was putting together a post regarding some of the problems and resolutions I came across, but I stumbled across this article this morning and it says everything and more.

I highly recommend reading this article and related links if you are currently optimising an XNA title for the Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7 platform.

**Update: **Link below has died, but now linked to the way back machine.

High end performance optimizations on the xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 (opens new window) - Ian Nicolades on Sgt Conker

Also think it is worth linking Shawn Hargreaves article on garbage collection as really helped me work through my issues and provides hard and fast rules to apply when working with the .NET garbage collector.

Twin paths to garbage collector nirvana (opens new window)